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We support our customer's​ 2nd Amendment Rights

We provide premium-grade firearms, accessories, and services for all of your gun needs.

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Southern Indiana's Number  One Family Owned Gun Dealer 

Here at Gun Barn USA LLC, we’ll provide you with firearms and accessories and other quality services. Whether you are a member of law enforcement, a hunting-enthusiast, or just an average citizen who needs protection, our store has all the items you need.

Book an appointment today! We are located in Lanesville Indiana, but our products and services are available to customers in the United States online. (Indiana Licensed)

Gun Barn USA LLC Working Hard for You!


Licensed in Indiana

Gun Barn USA LLC is a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer and pawn-broker business that specializes in buying and selling firearms, ammunitions, accessories, and custom apparel all over the United States. We are located Lanesville, Indiana. On-site and off-site gunsmithing services are also available upon request.


Furthermore, we’re firearm consultants. We assist customers in obtaining conceal and carry licensing, as well as referrals for firearm training and shooting ranges.

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